Our Products are specifically designed for simplicity of use with durability in mind, to provide affordable trenchless technology to the residential plumbing industry. Designed by engineers with over 10 years direct hands on experience in the trenchless industry, the PE product line is a modularly designed system, giving the ability to interchange multiple machines on the same chassis, providing versatility and flexibility in the field. 


The PE-10 is an innovative new product in the waterline replacement market, designed to be user friendly, and durable. Using a revolutionary modular chassis system, the PE-10 provides multifaceted tool capabilities with inter-changable bridge modules that can be installed in minutes.  The PE-10 provides users the flexibility to meet the demands of the job in a safe and cost effective way. Whether replacing an existing line, or installing a new one, the PE-10 is setting a new standard in the market.


Push/Pull Force: 20,000 lbs.

Push/Pull Speed: 13FPM at 10GPM

Rod Pusher Module:

Rod Length: 2FT.

Effective Range: 120′

Easy to use Wrench System

Optional Locating System

Cable Puller Module:

Stroke: 16in.

Cable Size: 9/16″

Water Line Size: 3/4″ – 2″

Open Pathway gripper system

Piloted Head

The Piloted Head is used with the rod pusher attachment. It splits the existing pipe as it follows the original pipeline path. Once the destination is reached the head is removed and a pull back device is attached. The new pipe is then pulled back through with the rods..

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