Originally starting in California as a cnc machining company in 1979 under the name Precision Engineering, owner Phil Boyce started in the industry producing various electronics semi-conductors for companies including Sun Microsystems, Seagate, and Apple. In 1996, Phil visited Montana on a vacation, and fell in love with the Flathead Valley. Shortly after, he decided to relocate the business to Kalispell.

Once relocated, Precision Engineering continued manufacturing electronics semiconductors, while beginning to branch out into manufacturing for  industries in the scientific and industrial laser technologies, and the green energy industry. After over 25 years in the semi-conductor industry, Precision Engineering continued evolving, and in 2005 started designing and manufacturing aftermarket parts for the motorsports industry.

In 2014, Flint, Michigan made nationwide headlines with a lead poisoning crisis due to lead water lines that had been used since the 1940’s. By 2016, it was discovered that the majority of U.S. cities had a potential, dangerous problem of lead poisoning like Flint, Michigan, triggering the “US department entity” to start requiring that all lead water lines be replaced to prevent future problems.

Entering 2018, due to the need for quality water line replacement equipment to address the lead poisoning issues in the cities, research and development was put into waterline replacement technologies, and PE Equipment was born.

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