PE Equipment started as inspiration for helping resolve lead water line problems like the lead line disaster in Flint, Michigan. After reading about the lead water problems in Flint, Michigan and other similar places in the United States, a small group of trenchless engineers and operators in Kalispell, Montana decided to form PE Equipment, with the goal to build a machine that could speed up the efforts to replace the aging lead water lines causing illness and other issues in older cities.

A decision was made to create an innovative, yet affordable trenchless machine that would be flexible in it’s functionality, but also simple in design and use. The result are machines that are modular in design, allowing for multiple functions, performing pipe bursting as well as rod pushing with only one chassis needed.

PE-10 viewed from side


Having been designed as one of the most versatile, cost-effective, compact trenchless machines on the market, with one chassis and two modular attachments (so far..), no longer requiring two separate pieces of equipment in the field, PE Equipment and the PE-10 are revolutionizing the underground trenchless industry.
Compact and modularly based, with modules storable in service truck tool boxes, the PE-10 eliminates the need for multiple separate machines on a job site, reducing the required equipment for trenchless jobs down to a selection of modules and their needed attachments.

PE-10 viewed from front

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