Our Products are specifically designed for simplicity of use with durability in mind, to provide affordable trenchless technology to the residential plumbing industry. Designed by engineers with over 10 years direct hands on experience in the trenchless industry, the PE product line is a modularly designed system, giving the ability to interchange multiple machines on the same chassis, providing versatility and flexibility in the field.

The PE-10 is a game changer in the trenchless arena.



The backbone of the PE-10 is it’s modular chassis. Coming equipped with pre-mounted hydraulics, control module, and mounting platform, only requiring the module attachment installation to finish the setup. Weight and physical size are also taken into account. Measuring 47″ long, 23″wide, and 31″ tall at the control module (less than 16″ at the base frame), the PE-10 is compact enough to be carried by two people.

Size and flexibility are not the only features of the PE-10. Speed of modular removal and installation is also designed to be efficient, with pipe bursting and rod module installation time in as little as 5-10 minutes, depending on the desired functionality of the PE-10 on a job site.


Length:  47″

Width:  23″

Height at chassis base:  15″

Height at control module:  31″

Compact size and versatility of PE-10 being carried


PE-10 Profile

When using the Pipe Bursting Module, the PE-10 can replace service lines from 3/4″ in size up to 3″, with cable pull lengths up to 150′. Cable pull back speed of the PE-10 is the fastest on the market at up to 13′ per minute.
One problem when pulling small pipes is the tendency for them to break and follow the cable out to the machine. Using the mountable pipe splitter, it is possible to remove the pipe from the cable as it enters the PE-10. Using the cable guide, the cable is automatically routed vertically out of a trench or pit, increasing efficiency for a small crew or one man operation. Innovation even in small areas are not overlooked either, as with the 4 blade designed pre-splitter, able to be repeatedly re-sharpened, increasing efficiency while lowering replacement costs.


Pipe Bursting Module:

Stroke: 16in.

Cable Size: 9/16″

Water Line Size: 3/4″ – 3″

Open Pathway gripper system

Push/Pull Force: 20,000 lbs.

Push/Pull Speed: 13FPM at 10GPM





PE-10 Profile

When using the Rod Pushing module, the PE-10 can replace water lines by following existing pipes. Fast push rod insertion and removal is possible due to the easily accessible rod locking mechanism. Multiple piercing head designs allow for versatility in multiple situations.
Mounted with the standard Pushing Head, the PE-10 can push through virgin ground with no existing pipes. When galvanized pipes are already in the ground, the current pipe line can be used as a guidance system with the Bladed Pilot Head, which is designed to follow existing pipe paths when rod pushing. If tracking the progress during a rod push is required, an optional sonde housing can be attached behind the pushing head.
After completing a rod push run, a pull back device can be attached, and a new line can be pulled back without changing modules.


Rod Pushing Module:

Rod Length: 2 ft.

Effective Range: 100 ft.

Easy to use Wrench System

Optional Locating System

Push/Pull Force: 20k/18k lbs.

Push/Pull Speed: 13FPM at 10GPM




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